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OSD for Pixhawks

Does anyone have a suggestion as for an OSD system for the Pixhawks? I know about the Minim OSDs and have one on order but would like to know if there is an alternative.


There use to be a couple but I have not seen much of them recently
AlceOSD. … um/alceosd

Play UAV OSD … vosd:start

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AeroMax OSD

MWOSD firmware is far superior to the older ArduCam stuff. MWOSD works very well on Minim and MavLink OSDs

A couple of tips: Upload the DEFAULT character set immediately after you flash MWOSD to the OSD. MWOSD uses MavLink ID. If you have more than one aircraft with different Mav IDs, make sure you give each OSD the same Mav ID as the aircraft you intend to use it on.

You will need an FTDI to flash firmware.

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