OSD font switching not working in V4.1.0-dev

I loaded copter V4.1.0-dev and wanted to change OSD font.
I loaded font .bin files to the root of my SD card, but when I try to change the font, it doesn’t change and I get the message: OSD FAILED TO LOAD FONT 0. Even if I try to go to another font number, it still says …FONT 0.
After few attempts I’m additionally getting internal error “Stack overflow.”
Am I doing something wrong, or it’s still not working in V4.1.0-dev ?

works like a charm, just checked. mind that when downloading the fontx.bin files from github you really use the „download“ button:

i‘ve seen a few people try downloading the .bin files using right-click and „save to“. this will not download the actual binary and will not work.
check the size of your downloaded file, it ought to be ~ 13 kb.

yesterday I saved files by right click exactly as you described and yes - they are really different. “Right click downloaded” file has about 107kb while “download button downloaded” has about 14kb. It’s really an unexpected trap!
Downgraded to 4.0.7 in meantime so can’t test now, but I’m quite sure it will work.
I’ll upgrade later after some other testing.