OSD crossfire lq

Dear people,
I’m slowly getting through my first flights with arduplane on TalonGT (and I love it!) but I wanted to ask - how do I properly set up my link quality on OSD? In INAV it was simply selecting the crossfire as radio link and I got the 2:100, 1:100 link quality values on screen.

How do I properly set it up in Ardu?
I tried setting lq channel to 12th channel on my rx, then used that for rssi value in Ardu but I’m not sure this is the way…

It is the way. Just set RSSI_TYPE to 2 and RSSI_CHANNEL to 12.

There is also a new OSD element specificly for LQ (using RSSI_TYPE = 3), but I think it’s not in the stable version yet.

In either case, you only get a 2-digit value. Mode changes are indicated as messages in the OSD.

OK, thanks. I did some flying today and indeed I had 99 most of the time (97 sometimes) with mode changing information on OSD.

Has LQ been added yet? I’m on 4.1.6 and I still don’t see it.

I am also looking for LQ both on osd and in Yaapu.
I am also using crossfire and 4.1.6 fw.