OSD - backward pointing home arrow


I’ve been working up a new AC4.2.1 configuraton of a Walksnail HD video transmitter and Fat Shark goggles.

The OSD is working, being output on Telem1 to the Walksnail VTX.

One OSD display item is OSD1_Home. It is a home pointing arrow and home distance.

I find the home arrow is backward.


I fly down our street to my left. The arrow points toward the nose. I stop 100yds away, yaw turn back toward our house and the arrow dutifully rotates around to the tail.

I fly back past the house to the left(house to the right), and the arrow does point at the house, in the correct direction, as I pass by and the arrow continues around until on the nose again, once I’m past the house

While on the OSD subject, the THR dsplay item is about 50% low. With a mid radio THR, OSD1_Throttle shows 21%.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Bump for the same issue.

Have exactly the same issue with HDZero on a plane using ardupilot.

A .bin log would be handy.

Anyone able to solve this? I have the same issue. Is this font related?

Home arrow left/right works correct, but the forward/backwards direction is reversed. The same goes for the ground speed arrow.

I have the exact same issue with my DJI 03 air unit and goggles. Home arrow is backwards. This has to be affecting a lot of users, I am surprised no one has fixed this by now.

I can confirm the issue on Walksnail system. Forward/backward direction is inverted. Left/Right orientation is correct. Same issue is valid for Wind direction!

EDIT: The issue is present when MSP_OPTIONS is set to 4 (enable BTFLFonts) and when using BF Fonts in googles.

Workaround working for me: Set MSP_OPTIONS to 0 and load Ardupilot fonts to googles, like SNEAKY_FPV_ARDU_WS_FONT_v1.4.1. The downside: I need to manually switch the font in google settings when switching BF/Ardupilot flight controller.

I have the same issue with DJI O3 with V2 Goggles running 4.3.7. Know if there is a fix for this yet?

I run DJI O3 and Goggles V2 (both running latest firmware) and have no issue with direction of the arrows…

you need 4.4 or later to have the translate arrows option code

EDIT: this was missed in the 4.4 release! trying to get it backported…for now you need to use “latest” to get this translation feature…sorry
UPDATE: now on 4.4.2 release schedule in a few weeks

Does it also influence wind direction arrow? It seems to be also reversed.

I am seeing this on Arduplane 4.5Dev also. DJI Vista.

It shows the distance to home correctly increasing/decreasing as you fly toward/away, but the arrow is point at the wrong direction.