OSD - backward pointing home arrow


I’ve been working up a new AC4.2.1 configuraton of a Walksnail HD video transmitter and Fat Shark goggles.

The OSD is working, being output on Telem1 to the Walksnail VTX.

One OSD display item is OSD1_Home. It is a home pointing arrow and home distance.

I find the home arrow is backward.


I fly down our street to my left. The arrow points toward the nose. I stop 100yds away, yaw turn back toward our house and the arrow dutifully rotates around to the tail.

I fly back past the house to the left(house to the right), and the arrow does point at the house, in the correct direction, as I pass by and the arrow continues around until on the nose again, once I’m past the house

While on the OSD subject, the THR dsplay item is about 50% low. With a mid radio THR, OSD1_Throttle shows 21%.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Bump for the same issue.

Have exactly the same issue with HDZero on a plane using ardupilot.

A .bin log would be handy.