Orthomosaic Camera

Hi! I would like some recomandations about what camera can I use to do good orthomosaic. The idea is the camera can get the triger signal from MP and get the GPS posittion too by mavlink.

And of course, small. I dont want to carry on a big sony camera.


Have you looked at the small Sony RX0 camera?

My cameras are the Sony a5000 & a5100, they are good enough. The new 64 MP RX7 would be better but $3,500. The a 6000 is heavy but slightly better than the a5000

I will check it, thanks!

I will check it, thanks!

Hi every one!

I have new requierment… from the customer… heeheh
I need to control by the MavLink this camera options:

-Obturator Speed
-Autofocus on-of
-Video - Picture Model

Any idea what camera could I use?