Orange cube telemetry drops more packets than Black cube

We use a slightly different setup in the plane, but I recreated the problem on my desktop using USB and the telemetry outputs. It seems that even connecting just the cube to the computer using USB recreates the difference. The problem is that while the Black Cube achieves a 100 % telemetry throughput, and 0 dropped packets in MavProxy, the same firmware (tested with several, including 4.0.9) and config on the Orange Cube gives a throughput of 96 to 99 %. When using dual links that both go to the same MavProxy, it seems that whatever is called Link 2 is down to 96 %, also using hardwired connection. When using radios in the field, this is further reduced, while the Black Cube keeps better.

I cannot see any good reason for the Orange to perform worse than Black. I would even expect that if any of them got problems with high telemetry rates (which I am not using) it would be the opposite way.

Is there a known parameter I should be aware of that needs to be different for the different versions here, since they use different processors, and probably then different clocks etc.

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Further testing show that this seems it is consistent. We have experienced it both with wireless links and using wired connections. At this point we cannot use the Orange Cube due to this.

Can you test 4.1.0-dev ?

Thanks. I tested 4.1.0-dev, and no change. Then I went back and tested older versions to find when it occurs, and I have found two things.

  1. This is introduced in 4.0.4 (4.0.3 and previous doesn’t have this for Orange).
  2. For firmwares when this is happening, MavProxy outputs changes in autopilot mode, and change between “RTL” and “Mode Mode(0x0000004)”.

See attached screenshots of 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1.0dev.

@Andrew_Tridgell any ideas why H7 behaves differently than F4?

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A small update: I did install PX4 to the Orange cube, and set up a quick test running data through MavProxy to see the package drops etc, and though some parts of it is not properly configured, it does seem it has less packet drops than Plane had. In case that information tells something. Any suggestions into how I could fix this, since we now have 2x Orange Cubes we don’t fly, and we are running out of Black soon and have to either get Orange working or start buying more Black.

Submitted an issue at Github,