Orange Cube Power Cable were Firing(Two GND cables)

When running at full throttle, the two power cables (GNDs) between the orange cube and the power module was burn out. Not other 4cables(5V and Sensors) wasn’t issue. Please reference in following picture.
Power Module Pin Diagram

Following is my specificiations,

Flight Controller >> Orange Cube
Motor >> Scorpion 540KV and 440KV(already test with both)
ESC >> Hobby Wing 80A and 120(already test with both)
Battery >> 5200mAH 6Cells

Just for note,
According to this specification, it has flown more than 40 times before. This error has just started. I thought it was a cube error and tried to change the cube. ESC, Power Module, Battery have all been replaced and tested. The same problem remains. Please check following photo, which is my two connectors already burn out.

This seems like a ground problem to me.
Check your propulsion system wiring, and solder joints, especially the places you soldered.
There may be a cold solder joint, discontinuity, etc…

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Yes it looks like a ground problem between your battery and your ESCs causing the power to take the next route, the thin wires to the power module. Check for cracked solder joints or loose connectors.

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