Orange cube+ connected to Ublox M8N GPS

in that I’m facing one issue i.e im connecting to orange cube+ to the m8n gps module using connecting wires and after im opening my mission planner at the time the
cube orange+ is connected to my laptop and also the cube orange+ is connected to the M8N GPS module,but in mission planner still showing no gps in the compass but in my Gps module the blue light will continuously blinking…any solution for this?

You may want to try a latest version to see if that’s the cause.

You didn’t attach a log file, and didn’t tell which variant you are using, I suppose you followed the configuration parameters.

In your screenshot, Mission Planner isn’t connected to your flight controller. There’s a button to connect it at the top right of Mission Planner. Select the correct port and baud.

yeah ,in the screenshot it it is not connected,but after that im connecting to the device with the connect button in the mission planner…and select baudrate and comn port also…
but the problem is whre i can get the logs and im creating one custom msg and that msg where can i see bro plz help me