Orange cube compass inconsistent

I am using a Orange cube and Here3.

The problem is about compass. I’ve done all the compass calibration.
But A compass inconsistent occurs when the head is turned in a specific direction.The direction is constantly changing, and compass errors may occur in all directions.

This phenomenon disappears except for the internal compass, is it a cube problem?

Is this happening in flight? Do you have a .bin log? You could try running magfit to improve calibration.

If this is on the bench is the compass and Cube both mounted in the drone? If they are being moved independently then this error is to be expected.

Also, internal compasses even in the Cube are often questionable and it is not uncommon to disable them.

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Nothing to add except to echo the disable comment. I NEVER use the internal compass on the Cube.

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Just to clarify that a bit (probably not for Allister, I’m sure he knows), the reason for flight controllers seeming to have such poor compasses is because they are invariably mounted extremely close to all the high current wiring and batteries.
The GPS units with a compass have a good chance of working much better because they have an amount of separation from all those strong magnetic fields.
It is typical to disable the internal compass for that reason.

Also the internal compass can work acceptably if you do the Compass/Motor calibration, either by the dangerous method, or using MagFit.


The main power source was suspected, so we tested it at a distance with the auxiliary battery, but the phenomenon was the same.

I think we have no choice but to exclude the internal compass.

Can I get a information of Magfit? I want a try.

There is a Wiki for it of course.