OrageCube+ relays not working as expected

Dear all,
I have problems configuring my OrangeCube+ to work as a relay. I want to trigger 3,3V output by a python script that is runned by companion computer. This problem do not exists when I use older version of pixhawk (2.4.8). All works fine and 3.3V output is detectable. But when I try this on orange cube + relays do not work completelly. I tried to check this under both python and Mission Planner but the output is 0,2-0,3 V whenever I trigger relay or not.
Should I connect board (+) and (-) rail to the external power source?
I configured RELAY_PIN = 50 (Aux1)
I expect to trigger 3,3V signal between (-) and (s) pins. I read several topics on the forum but still I don’t understand why this do not work.
relay.txt (6.7 KB)



Dave I changed SERVO9_FUNCTION to -1 that is GPIO, but nothing changed. Still don get any volts at AUX OUT 1. I posted my params file. Please help if possible it driving me crazy!

Relay_problem_forum.param (17.6 KB)

I can’t help you with the script but if you want to trigger relay 1 on Aux1 from a switch on RC9 you would do this:

That’s it.

In CUBE for 5volt logic use Mainouts.