OPTRIS 640 Pi Thermal Camera and Geotagging

Dear community,

I am Dimitris Poursanidis from the Remote Sensing lab of IACM/FORTH (http://rslab.gr/).
I am a new user of Mission Planner.
We own a system (XS1000) with two cameras. One optical (Sony RX100) and one thermal (Optris Pi 640).
The thermal camera collect radiometric images in the format of tiff. When we go for geotagging using Mission Planner, we miss that radiometric information which is a “must have” for our scientific objectives.
In the zip file i have the same imagery, as from the camera and geotagged.
Samples.zip (956.7 KB)
Is possible to have geotagged radiometric files for use in Agisoft/Pix4D or other relevant software?
Any help will be much appreciated
Looking forward