Option to disable Safety Switch function

The Safety Switch, IMHO, is of little value on a single motor, fixed wing plane. It would be really appreciated if the developers could allow this function to be optional on the “plane”.

It will be optional in upcoming releases.

Great! Couldn’t come soon enough for me.


I’m trying to fit a lot into a small flying wing and the safety switch seems overkill for this little bird. It has been a welcome layer of safety to my bigger multi-rotors though.

Yeah, we’re waiting. Seems the “Plane” developers are really busy working on something that will be fantastic and thus their silence. wink, wink.

It is in trunk now.

Is the option going to be available for amp copter as well? I am building a waterproof quad and this is presenting a problem.

Is this in the latest copter release? I know it’s in the planes.