Optimum Wing Loading for VTOLs?

Hey all,
If you’ve seen my previous post you may know I’m new to making VTOLs.
Main question is what wing loading should I be shooting for when designing my wing?
I’ve heard 1 g/cm^2 is good however this seems quite small to me. I’m going for a slower, endurance based build.
I know wing loading is a rabbit hole of a question so sorry If I oversimplify it! Just trying to see where other’s designs usually fall so I can direct my research more effectively.

I’ve not seen your previous post and don’t know your background but if it was me, I’d start with what airfoil and wing design first, i.e. flat bottom airfoil, “hershey bar” or tapered, high aspect ratio, etc. Check out some of the successful designs out there. As you said, wing loading is a rabbit hole.

Good luck.

Lots of variables come into play, such as stall speed, lift coefficient, angle of attack, etc.
Take a look at this calculator to see some of the factors involved.

awesome tool, thanks!