Optical Flow with lidar lite bumps


I’have made new tests with lidar lite and optical flow, and I have issued many burst on Z axis.

I was testing the system in indoor on a textured concrete floor types and outdoor.

XY positioning was perfect.

how to weigh less lidar lite to avoid these outbursts on the Z axis?

Does ek2 weight more / use acc for throttle than lidar lite 2 ?

Also there is possible to know details about ek2 to better set gates for lidar lite and optical flow to reject bad readings ?

Hello, Today other test show that OF it’s perfect at low height <10m above gnd.

Pilot can put pitch/roll stick input at max and copter 3.4 handle it well limiting max velocity following MAX FLOW parameter.

Above this altitude, if pilot request pitch or roll stick to maximum, Copter 3.4 attempt to limit max velocity but after 10-20 horizontal meters, EK2 seems to stop limiting velocity, and when pilot release sticks to stop drone, it keeps going without stopping, showing that OPTFLOW is no longer used…

Also, I saw that more drone is far from the ground, less accurate is the positioning locking…

There’s posible to lock max velocity at all eights even if pilot request maximum, for ensure that optflow EK2 continious working well?

There’s these issue show limits using optflow above 10 meters?

using EK2
Optflow 16mm lens
lidar lite 2
stock gate / noise values.
stock MAX FLOW value.

Please provide a log, without that is harder to help or change something.

Attached you will find test flight log.

3 heights of flight and for each:
=>low ptich roll stick inputs with stick realease for check position lock
=>max pitch roll stick inputs with realease for check position lock

I don’t see any log file. You probably tried to attach it in the forum but most certainly it is too big - you need to put it somewhere (Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.) and then share the link to it.

Just to be clear: I know nothing about optical flow so I won’t be reviewing the log, but it is certainly needed for someone to help.

I could not down your log. I did flow test. The xy postion is not good, z is good using sonar