Optical Flow sensor steps


I am trying to follow the calibration settings for the optical flow sensor: Optical Flow Sensor Testing and Setup — Copter documentation

from log based calibration, and after instruction 7, the graph I have is below:

When it is meant to be:

How can I change my x axis from time to line number 10^3? For step 5 I just stood up and tried to do it my best at eye level.

Bumping in case someone could help with this

flowx is much larger than bodyx and gyrx is larger than bodyx but smaller than flowx

could anyone please if possible

Using time is just fine. Did you only move the vehicle in roll?

I’ve recently used the inflight calibration and found it to be very good, could you use that?

Hi Raphael,

I moved it in both roll and pitch, as I was trying to follow the instructions in OP it is linked there. Since my graph does not match up, I might try in flight if I can not get it to work through log based calibration. Did you also use a Mateksys 3901-L0X as I’m using this one with a quadcopter.

Have you tried adjusting FLOW_FXSCALER and FLOW_ORIENT_YAW as per steps 8 and 9? Is your IMU properly calibrated?

Hi Oli,

I did try changing the scalars and nothing happened. I think yaw for me is 0 the way the sensor is positioned. As for IMU calibration, I am not sure about that, where can I calibrate that again?