Optical Flow sensor and mission planner

Hi I just received my Optical Flow sensor and installed it according to instructions on wiki. When I enable it via cli it no longer connects to mission planner. It has a red light on it but no connection. I can connect via CLI and connect apm button but when testing it, all I get is 0’s if I leave it enabled I can’t arm or connect to Mission Planner. Any help would be appreciated. Set up is dji flame wheel f550, apm 2.6 also have sonar. 2- 5 amp 4s batteries, Spektrum dx7 radio and 7010 spektrum receiver.

You might want to check out the PX4 FLOW Smart Camera website: pixhawk.ethz.ch/px4/modules/px4flow
Here is a blog discussion about the PX4 Camera on DIY Drones: diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/px4flow-release
Also, this PX4 Testing discussion may help: diydrones.com/forum/topics/px4-testing


I read somewhere that the optical flow sensor is not supported on Arducopter 3.0.1 does not supported mean it won’t work or just that there is no support?

If it won’t work at all then which version of the Arducopter would you recommend I use for a quadcopter with optical flow?

Many Thanks

Not supported, probably means that the present code does not provide functionality for the Optical Flow Sensor. Unfortunately I do not know what version has functional Optical Flow Sensor code.

TCIII, may be anybody else know about ADNS3080 optical sensor? Peoples steel buy it, but it not work! It not so good for APM image!

I believe I found that it is supported on version 3.3 and up, but does not fit on the apm 2.6. :cry:

1expert, it’s mean Pixhawk cover ADNS3080?