OPPS I meant SERVO#_ Function '1' Servo not working?

If this is selected on ch5 and I see ch5 movement on the rc calibration page in mission planner I should see servo movement correct?? Or is there another setting in the params I could be missing [ probably! ] because I can’t get a servo to work on ch5 with my pixracer and plane 4.1 FYI I have RC5_option as ‘do nothing’. SERVO5_Function set to ‘1’ = pass through I don’t get it. Servo 5 output no worky :[

On radio calibration page you are calibrating your RC radio channels , not the servo outputs on your flight controller . That is done on the servo output page .In this case you’d be looking at your transmitter ( Taranis , jumper t16 , whatever you’ve got .)
This one had me baffled for quite a while . You can assign any RC channel to any servo output on your flight controller . If you have RC channel 5 ( on your radio) setup to output on servo 5 output on your flight controller than you would see a response . Try setting Servo 5 to (RC5 IN) if that is what you want

Also make sure you don’t have RC5_OPTIONS set to perform some special function . Leave that set at NONE

Are you seeing any servo outputs in MP moving? Have you accounted for board safety and arming? Servos won’t move if you haven’t armed or if you haven’t disabled that safety lockout.