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Oportunity for Devs - Paid

Hi folks,

I’m an engineer on a Brazilian UAV startup and there has been some new demands I don’t have neither the skills or time to deal with.
At principle this can be a remote consulting/freelance job, but might evolve into a more steady position.
Please PM me if you are interested on helping boost up the UAV industry!
Preferred skills:

  • Development on GCS and FC (px4, qgc, mp, ardupilot, etc)
  • Development and basic systems integration on Raspberry-pi

Sorry if this is not the best category to post this. In case there is a better one, just point me which is and I’ll delete this post.


This is the right place for your post.
Also, check and perhaps approach some of those companies/individuals directly.
If you get stuck and have some specific projects/tasks feel free to email and we can forward to the dev list to see who has capacity and the right skills etc.

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Will do, thank you!!

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