Opinions and tips for a Daya H4 680 build

Hi all,

I’m looking to move the guts of my Tarot 680 pro into the Daya 680, and am looking for some tips from people with experience with this frame.
The main reasons for the change are portability, rigidity, and build area.

Can anyone comment on the above criteria in relation to the Daya 680? Will it tick those boxes?

Or maybe there is a more recent frame that someone can recommend that also falls within the bell curve I am shooting for.

Many thanks!

Did you ever build out your Daya 680? I’m looking for this frame right now, no one seems to have them. Or at least the vendors I know of.

Don’t even think about it. I had an H4 Alien 680 frame which is a “clone” of the Daya frame.

These frames are not an “H” frame, they are not an “X” frame, they are not a “V Tail,” or any other configuration that is supported by ArduCopter.

As a consequence, they are impossible to tune properly and they fly like hammered poop.

If you want to build a better quad, take a Tarot 650 Sport frame, replace the stock arms with arms from a 680 Pro, toss the stock motor mounts and get a set of aluminum mounts.

With this configuration you can run 5008-335Kv motors and 1755 props on 6S.