Operation without a gps

I would like to use an APM or Pixhawk mini in a small flying wing…no navigation is needed, but just the stabilization modes…ie STAB,ACRO…TAKEOFF would be nice also, but I doubt that even if the non GPS modes are allowed without a physical gps, that an auto mode like it would work, even though I have a compass and could set all the GPS related takeoff params (like min speed ) to be ignored…

Works without GPS and compass. TAKEOFF isn’t a flight mode you can access without an AUTO mission (which would require GPS), but you can use FBWA and ACRO. I’ve done a takeoff mix for my aircraft using FBWA and a bit of up elevator offset for climb out and it works great.

does FBWB work? baro is available and its not a gps assisted mode either

I assume you’d need an airspeed sensor or GPS to make it work, because FBWB needs velocity for speed control.

@hwurzburg, did you ever figure this out? I’m putting together a setup without a GPS, and I can’t figure out how to tell AP not to look for one.

I asked the Plane lead months ago and GPS is still required…the EKF still needs it for attitude calculations…

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Even just for FBWA? This is surprising. I think there’s a parameter that makes EKF ignore GPS. Will it not fly with that?

yes, but only if you have optical flow or beacons providing position innovations…ie for indoor use

This is fascinating. Thank you for explaining this, I would have never guessed.

Okay, so if you set GPS_TYPE to 0 it will not take off?

Hi, is there a solution for this problem ? I would like to operate my plane without a GPS but the EKF seems to refuse…
Thanks for your help !

you can get it to arm and fly but it is not a recommended setup…you have to force flying on DCM and if there is no possible recovery from a radio failsafe(ie it will fly away)…until the plane lead @Andrew_Tridgell approves this application, I resist relaying the necessary param changes…