OpenTX Waypoints

Hello all,

I use a pixhawk in my baitboat.
Now i use a android tablet/phone with the Mission Maker app.
Here i saved several waypoints wich i send to the boat and put the boat in auto mode.
So every time i want to drop my bait i need to use the FlySky transmitter and a android device.

Now i found the Jumper T16 / Radiomaster with the OpenTX Yaapu plugin.
This looks really good, but i would like to know if it is possible to send waypoint from the transmitter with OpenTX to the pixhawk without using a Ground Control Center software.

That would be really amazing so that i only have to use the transmitter every time i need to drop the bait.



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I have a system set up Pixhawk autopilot with GPS, I have managed to display telemetry values even on a FS-I6, and also i have a TX16S, and I would like to achieve the same as you, I want to be able to select the waypoint saved from the transmitter and send it on autopilot without the need for an android device.

I have read a lot of information, I know that it can be done because I have seen commercial videos enhancing it on these TX/RX (FS-IA6b), but I think the solution is to create a ardupilot script and link it to the RCin channel that you want to run this function, but unfortunately I do not know how to program this script.
Can anyone with more experience help me with this? thanks a lot.

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good time of day . is there a description of how you did it (I have managed to display telemetry values even on a FS-I6) ?

you can use Mavlink to IBUS project