OpenTX LUA Script to send back GPS Data for follow me?

This is an idea rather than an implementation. But the opentx devs have got internal GPS (add yourself, GPS $10, solder 4 wires) working on the new Radiomaster TX16S, I’m wondering what’s needed to send the GPS data back to ardupilot with a LUA script via frsky passthrough so we can use follow me just from the Transmitter? Should be much neater than using a phone or ground station and telemetry modules.


Ohhh yeah this is a interesting topic :heart_eyes: , can I add gps in Jumper T-16 pro ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Up this, I want follow me on TX16s

This isn’t exactly an ArduPilot Lua script, but it’s a great idea (that never got any traction as far as I can tell). I have little experience writing OpenTX scripts, so I probably won’t tackle this one directly.

It looks like the getTxGPS() function has the location data required. It also looks like libraries/AP_Frsky_MAVLiteMsgHandler.h is capable of handling incoming MAVLite messages. So you could send a SET_POSITION_TARGET_GLOBAL_INT message using sportTelemetryPush().