OpenTX and Crossfire using Mavlink no flight mode telemetry sensor (FM)

Does anybody know why I don’t receive the flight mode sensor in my Radiomaster TX16s with a Crossfire Micro TX in the telemetry section?
I only receive 22 telemetry values, but not FM

According to the TBS manual the FM value should come from datasource FC so does Ardupilot 4.09 don’t send this value over Mavlink to the radio? However I do receive this value and a lot more in missionplanner.

I’ve got my TX16S running Yaapu. Mavlink over CRSF isn’t great yet. You’ll need to switch to Try here:

You have the Yaapu script working using Mavlink and a Crossfire Micro TX in a TX16S?
When using CRSF protocol no telemetry data is send to the GCS using the XF Wifi, so basically that’s pretty useless.
If you made it work Than it’s a true miracle!, what did you do???

Yeah, it does technically work, but it’s not practical. The refresh on the GCS is very slow. The link up process is a pain. The setup is finicky.

I’m content with using the yaapu telemetry but I’m hoping the next round of TBS updates make mavlink more functional.

Have a look at this thread. You will need to connect CRSF and MAVLINK on two UARTS to get it to work. But seriously, don’t get your hopes up.

Wow two of the most annoying problems are fixed with the 1.41 firmware update on the WiFI module, UDP MavLink stays on and no need for a hotspot anymore, now only the possibility to receive telemetry data for the Yaapu widget over the crossfire MavLink without the need for an additional UART, very happy for now​:grimacing::+1:

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@Ojwhaaa_Ojwhaaa, You have just made my day! Thank you!

After reading your comment about 1.41 I honestly dropped what I was doing, updated my MicroTXV2 and just tried it out. What a difference! I won’t be able to fly it for a few days but I’m very impressed.

I still have CRSF running to feed the Yaapu telemetry, and Mavlink on a separate UART, but if this turns out to be stable then I’ll be very pleased.

Happy to hear you also ahev success with the XS Wifi, but to be clear how did you connect this to the Nano RX? Are you using CRSF and Mavlink at the same time on different outputs? So CH. OUT1&2 for CRSF and CH. OUT3&4 Mavlink?
I didn’t knew that was even possible.

Yes, to get the telemetry data to the GCS over wifi you need MAVLink, and to get the Yaapu script to work you need CRSF.

Notice pretty much ever part of this is either Dev, Alpha, or Beta firmware. So I wouldn’t throw this onto anything of significance or value.

Arducopter 4.1.0Dev
Yaapu 1.9.3 beta4
Matek F405-Std
CRSF 4.11(beta) (Wifi 1.41Alpha)
Radiomaster TX16s (OpenTX 2.3.11)

NanoRX Output 1&2 Mavlink TX/RX. Output 3&4 CRSF RX/TX.

On the FC
CRSF on TX3/RX3 (Serial 1), SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 23 (Baud 57)
MAVLink on TX4/RX4 (Serial2). SERIAL2_PROTOCOL = 2 (baud 57)

I’m sure there’s something else I need to tell you but I can’t think of it right now. If it comes to me I’ll let you know.

Good luck!

Edit: Here’s all the info on setting up Yaapu. Maybe start from the end, it’s a long thread and has evolved a lot.

For Yaapu running well it is necessary to set in MissionPlanner also this:

RC_OPTIONS bit 8 set at 1, i.e. add 256 to your current RC_OPTIONS value (enables custom CRSF telemetry)

I have used for my TX (TX16S) the Nightly FW from TBS as well, see:
But the parameters loading via TBS WiFi to the MissionPlanner is still very slow (2-3 mins).

I haven’t set up CRSF Shot yet. Do you think it makes a noticeable difference for the telemetry?

I do not think so.
To move forward in this issue I am still waiting for Ardupilot 4.1.0 at least in beta revision, for OpenTX 2.4.0 (here the CRSF Shot should be already implemented) and maybe also TBS will release a new enhanced revision for Crossfire.

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I’m also still waiting for the 4.1.0 Ardupilot, not only for CRSF but also for MSP to finally support OSD in the DJI Goggles. Hopefully they release the beta soon, cheers.