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OpenSolo Initiative - by the ArduPilot Team

Hi, I strongly believe on Free Software and that was the main reason why I bought SOLO!

So I was very happy about ArduPilot embracing the SOLO projet and Chris Anderson himself announcing on the 3DR Blog (2.08.2017) this OpenSolo initiative. He refered specifically the items released on Github: OpenSolo, licensed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license:

  • solo-builder – scripts for configuring a virtual machine to build the Solo software
  • meta-3dr – the build recipes that assemble the complete Linux system for the Solo and Controller i.MX6 processors.
  • shotmanager – implementation of Solo’s Smart Shots.
  • sololink – 3DR software that runs on the i.MX6 processors, implementing things like video streaming, control, telemetry, pairing, logging, etc.
  • artoo – firmware for the STM32 microcontroller in the controller responsible for the inputs and screen.
  • solo-gimbal (coming soon) – firmware for the microcontrollers in the Solo Gimbal

I’ve been following the work discussion at Gitter: ArduPilot/OpenSolo and noticed some of the difficulties and problems on building the software using the (old) code provided.

Also the very important solo-gimbal code has not been released yet!

As a SOLO user, I 'm very concern about the “pre-Flight software update” from 3DR servers dependency, so building an pre-flight UPDATE alternative should be the first priority of OpenSOLO project, as stated by P2P on the 3DRpilots forum (here):

  1. Making the recovery partition have the latest 2.4.2 firmware package so no internet update is needed.
  2. Making an update package that will work through the Solex app for people who still have the stock recovery.
  3. Making a recovery partition that is compatible with the Green Cube.

This brings me another concern about the OpenSolo project, that I would appreciate an answer:

What about the 3DR Solo App (Android / iPhone) needed to update, configure and use SOLO?

The 3DR Solo App code will also be available as Open Source on the same license to OpenSolo project?

If not, could it be possible to remind Chris Anderson (3DR) to also compromised on releasing the code on Github on the same license?

Thank you.

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