OpenSolo 4.0.3 Crash

Open Solo 4.0.3 CrashI had a RC fail-safe a couple of days ago and luckily had a great amount of Sats (18-19) for the RTH to kick in, but having absolutely no control of the craft leads to a clean pair of shorts! Solo with OpenSolo 4. What should I look for in the TLogs? I had 3 great flights before…

Edit: After updating successfully to OpenSolo 4.0.3, both of my Solos lack RC control inputs, I can arm, throttle up, yaw, but no pitch or roll. I calibrated at home via SSH/Putty, and after a mild crash, I calibrated out in the field with QGroundControl, seeing the values change. Got airborne with no control of pitch and roll again, low level crash, please advise anyone? TIA

Post dataflashlogs.
Otherwise, I’d blame the Gremlins

Wouldn’t a .bin file be even better? Its included at the beginning of this post. :innocent:

Sorry, did not see it on the mobile version of the forum, will have a look at it in half an hour or so

Sweet! Ty Sir! more characters, just cause.

your ATC_INPUT_TC is set to “braindead / historical data response” :slight_smile:
your is 44s where 0.25s is expected normal/default
Please see

you have to ask youself:
“did I tinker with it?”
if NOT:
Try to figure out what GUI / GCS (or which screen/slider of QGC) that can have such an dangerous bug that you did use.
I guess that unless you did it by accident, then some bad GCS bug sets values in another scale than it should (such things have happened before…) It is important to figure out, if you can reproduce, so we can warn others and get it fixed.
Reset that parameter, and try to reproduce other things you have done, until you see it change back to something crazy like that.

Hmm, both of my Stock Solos were updated from the IOS app SidePilot, from 4.0.1 to 4.0.3. Calibrations done through the same app, Compass, Level and Accel etc. I use QGroundControl out in the field. All were stock settings.

That was it! Ty sir! Its currently raining and pouring here, so no real test. But the controller seems to respond correctly, with no props, spin up and tested all controls.

Please try to find out what configuration screen messed it up… its a dangerous bug , and you can save somebody’s day :slight_smile:

I have not been able to fly (weather), I’m thinking maybe its the throttle sliders in SidePilot, the speed adj sliders, will test hopefully tonight.

Possible Firmware corruption on 1 of my Solos. The 1st Solo flew well with 4.0.3, default settings, the 2nd Solo showed 2 lines of ATC_Input_TC @ 44 in the parameters list. Ran out of daylight, but will reload 4.0.3 and test 2nd Solo.