openLRSng receivers : uninverted "SBUS" / SUMD protocols

I’m using openlrsng to extend range of my UAVs running arduplane; It works great but only by using PWM/PPM signal from openlrsng receiver. However, openlrsng implements SBUS and SUMD.

The problem is that for most openlrsng receivers, SBUS signal is not inverted by hardware and it seems ardupilot do not deal with un-inverted SBUS. Would it be possible to implement reading of un-inverted SBUS ?..(…by using a UART port / adding a SERIALx_PROTOCOL option called for example “uninverted SBUS-IN” or “openlrs SBUS-IN” / perhaps implementing softserial like in betaflight and inav?..)

If not, openlrsng SUMD could be used but I have a doubt with OmnibusF4pro because the documentation doesn’t mention SUMD in the RC protocols (only PWM/PPM and SBUS). However, omnibusF4pro has a DSM port which could work with SUMD as for Pixhawk. Is this missing in the documentation or do SUMD not work with omnibusF4pro ?

Re SUMD, it’s likely just not documented as nobody has tested yet. I’d suggest using the SBUS input, and checking. ArduPilot should auto detect the protocol.
Re uninverted SBUS, at the moment I think it’s WIP as soft serial (apart from F7 and other boards who do it in hardware).