OpenHD discussion section

I was wondering if we can get a topic section to discuss openHD and ardupilot. Kind of like how there is a companion computer section. I think it would benefit the community by bringing in folks that use that system and making a place that everyone can talk about it. There has been some amazing development on this project lately and combined with an antenna tracker this system has great potential! There is a rich telegram group discussing openHD but would be nice to see how users from the ardu community are using openHD.


That would be really nice!

Drop a link to where you think it should go, and I’ll create it

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We have an official discussion forum going up on the OpenHD website (not public yet) very soon, there are too many places where discussion is going on already it’s difficult for us to keep up.

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:slight_smile: I know how that feels…

Hi again :slight_smile:

OpenHD forum is live now!