Open Solo 3.0 Cam trigger as relay

I have upgraded to the newest version of open solo, waiting on the green cubes to come back in stock so i can upgraded that as well. My current question is reguarding relay cam triggering on the solo. I have soldered a wire to pin 19 which is PWM7 on the pixhawk. When I go to the parameters to setup a relay camera trigger there is no option for pwm 7. Is there anyway we could get that added as an option so I can setup a relay cam trigger. I have built a trigger cable from this video and have confirmed that it is working on a pixracer setup as relay on aux 6. Or am I missing something to be able to make this trigger with just a pwm signal.

Instead of using relay I used PWM 7,8 and put a map2 on my solo from seagull uav, works like a charm with a QX1 with all the on/off features as well as the keep alive. My question still remains is it possible to use PWM 7, 8 as relay on the solo? if so what is the correct pin and corresponding relay_pin number. When running open solo 3.0.0 I only see option 55 which I believe is aux 6, does that equate to PWM 6 on the solo? What AUX outputs on the solo does PWM,6,7, and 8 correspond to in the parameters. I have not been able to find much documentation out there.

I guy ist possible the scheme and picture for connect the solo mainboard to relay or segull or “USB trigger cable” a5000 or qx1 Raspberry’s whit live… Grazie!!!