Open.HD Video Streaming

Has anyone else tried Open.HD for video stream?
Open.HD Wiki

I tried it and out of the box it worked with a Pi 3B+ as RX on the ground and HDMI to Display.
Still trying to get it to work with QGC/Mission Planner/GStreamer but overall i’m still impressed. Especially with Android app that lets you edit config text file via wifi hotspot rather than pulling out the micro SD card.

Looking to see if anyone has tried it and had any success.

Open.hd is an extension of ez wifibroadcast, for which there are quite a few posts if you search

I tried ez-wifibroadcast , unfortunately i lost the drone with RC channels sent over telemetry. The drone had a strange behaviour . My taranis radio were connected to PI3 . Anyway i followed the wiki and the video and telemetry was ok with QGC. Anyway the project is interesting

Sorry to hear you lost your drone - have you tried the open-hd thread on RC Groups?


We have done a lot of development over the last year, we have a public telegram group where we discuss parts of it everyday it has about 140 people…

Here is the link: