Open hardware vs Closed hardware? Best in 2024?


What’s the difference between open and closed hardware?
They both run Ardupilot firmware in the end right?

What is your recommendation for rover mower flight controller this days?
I don’t need a fancy enclouser etc. Prefere a budget solution and Im not afraid of soldering :wink:
Appreciate any suggestions.
(I need 2x rtk gps on it for yaw and planning for automatic docking to the battery charger-probably camera here, 2x hoverboard motors with TZT DC 6-60V 400W BLDC drivers?)


Open: design and schematics are made available to the public.

Closed: the opposite.

Matek H743 Wing v3 or QioTek ZealotH743 are excellent full featured autopilots at their price points.