Open Drone ID and What's Up

Wondering where folks are with Remote ID.

Has anyone gotten a setup working on a self-built drone? I think I’m 95% of the way there using the Cube ID CAN module. I see it on my phone app at least. HereLink (v1.1) shows a green light for remote-ID. I just need to verify everything and sort through whatever I need to do to update my registration on this bird with the FAA.

But it feels like there are holes in the compliance at least by the letter. I’d like to comply even if it winds up being in spirit. Like obviously I bought the module and made a good faith effort to make it work… will fly safely… all that jazz. So maybe they wouldn’t be inclined to stick it to me because my bootloader isn’t locked up with a custom board id… making that up slightly, but maybe that makes my point.

Anyway, I’m shooting to have a fully tested and working RID setup by 9/16 so I can keep flying. I’m wondering where everyone else is with this. For self-built drones, does it make sense to go through setting a different board ID in the bootloader to keep from accepting “regular” builds? Seems a bit harsh to me. But if you go so far as comply with the readonly portions of the configuration to stop people (yourself) from turning it off, I guess you might as well make it so regular firmware updates have to be done through a custom build process?

Just curious what everyone else might be thinking here.

there is another discussion here about it as well. If you wanted to read there. Not legal advice but if you are not in gross violation of the law I highly doubt any enforcement will ever happen. Just to many to much. Plus what imaginary cops are they going to find that don’t already have enough stuff to do to enforce this law.

I’d like to bump this thread and keep it going.

Time is getting tight, and for those of us who want to be compliant (don’t need commentary about the need for the law and the chances of being caught and all that), what are folks doing to comply?

I’d think this would be a major topic as the date is fast approaching.


Agreed on the peanut gallery commentary.

There are two things I would like to point out. First, the type of compliance matters. If you are talking about standard compliance, youre talking about a manufacturer who uses a solution using tools like the cube ID module and develops a system that is submitted to the FAA for compliance acceptance. If you are in this boat, chances are good that you ignore threads like this and maybe roll your eyes at it. If you are like me and just building a drone for yourself, you need to use a stand alone module.

I guess the second point is the other side of compliance is for the rest of us; the beacon module. I picked (and happily suggest) the db121pcb module made by blue mark. They are roughly $100 and you can just supply a power feed from your bird. They dont introduce complexities with firmware and bootloaders, are super light and have their own radios. These satisfy the requirements of compliance and you use the serial # on your module with your registration for your drone with the FAA. It couldn’t possibly be easier.

Also, you can turn off responding to active scans, which disappears your drone from the apps on rando iPhones that people are all worried will lead to harassment by “Karens”.

Thanks Carlton - I’ll look for that module. Looks like it comes with and without enclosure, and with and without battery.

I agree that module and its features seem very promising and simple. I’ve been looking for one to use, as I can’t risk being non-compliant. Thanks for sharing it!

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