Ongoing compass problem

I cannot get the compass to work on a new build with Pixhawk and external compass. I have the external compass pointing 90 degrees to the left so set compass 1 orientation at Yaw 270. When I try live calibration it won’t do the 2nd internal compass. The plane always shows on the map 90 degrees wrong and I get messages about bad compass health.

I set the external straight ahead and set orientation to zero and nothing changed.

I then swapped out the compass and Pixhawk for another set I have and the problem is the same.

See attached screenshot.

Any ideas?

I have a similar setup. The only difference is that I did not check “Use this compass” on the second compass. You only need to check “Use this compass” on the one primarily used for heading. I think the autopilot would use the second one should the first one fail, even if it is unchecked.

Leave the second compass unchecked and try the test again.