Oneshot on large quads...needed or not?

I have always used oneshot125 ever since the first quad I ever built. But the issue with getting it working on my pixhawk has made me question whether it is even needed on larger quads. I have a 750 with 4114 330 KV motors. It is a camera platform. I use it for lazy flying. Not trying to do any tricks with it or anything.

The only major thing I have heard about oneshot is better throttle response. I can of course see why this is a good thing on small racing quads. But what benefit does it provide on these larger quads? Can anyone fill me in here? Thanks!

I have a 650 with 3508 580kv motors. With the old standard signalling they always made a real racket, squealing away. This noise is apparently linked with bad timing and sync. With oneshot the squealing almost goes away. My ESCs don’t support oneshot125 unfortunately, wish they did. It would be great if it made the 650 more responsive, it’s a bit spongey even after careful tuning. I’ve never been able to use active braking mode either as it results in desync and crash. Perhaps the tighter timing of oneshot125 would allow to use active braking, which would be a significant win for larger craft.
My little 300 quad was noticeably more responsive with oneshot125.

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Well I have gotten oneshot working by disabling the safety switch…I had some issue with my 4114 330kv motors being stuttery and weird startups. I had to change some things in the esc. I turned Demag Compensation to HIGH and also bumped motor timing up one tick to medium high. Motors run very smooth now without oneshot. Thank you for your response