OneShot and OneShot 125 esc calibration doesn't work

Tested yesterday on RC10.
Esc calibration works for normal, no sound (so I assume no calibration) in case of oneshot.
Motors works correctly with all protocols.

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Annoying but not a major problem.
Most of users modify BlHeli Esc parameters with BlHeli suite , so the esc calibration can be done via software .
A good reason using BlHeli suite is to remove transmitter Esc programming that IMO is a very dangerous feature and it is almost always enable by default with BlHeli esc.

Indeed. I use a cheap Naze32 FC with pass thru to configure ESC’s. Passthrough with The Pixhawk would be nice…,

You cannot really calibrate by BLHeli suite, calibration is to measure differences between real world and configuration. That why we calibrate.

It’s not a major problem, I agree but should be solved. Also support for DShot will be welcome so we don’t have to calibrate anymore.

You do not understand the advantage by calibrating Esc with BlHeli, but one day you will get the point …

explain to me please, I’m flying copters with betaflight and ALWAYS esc ranges are bit diffent than set after calibration.

I agree with you that the calibration process normalizes small timing differences between ESC’s but I have not found a circumstance yet (many craft) where setting them all equally using BLHeli causes any issue. Dshot would be a nice option.

With BlHeli suite you are sure that the esc have exactly the same input range and you know what is the range setted .

What it is really important with multirotors esc is that all esc have exactly the same range , the fact that esc range match transmitter range is not so important if they are not very different.
But try to set one esc with a 10% lower top range than others and you will see what happens then.

I prefer to do BlHeli suite esc calibration and skip totally transmitter Esc calibration .
I just check throttle range with Mission Planner and use the values in BlHeli suite esc ranges.

This will work correctly some day when arducopter will support DSHOT.

With current analog information about throttle, calibration with same ranges is good enough but it’s not as good as calibration from transmitter/arducopter.

But this is just technical detail.

Hi All,

I loaded 3.5.5 and Oneshot still doesn’t work right. this is BlHeli_32 ESCs. I had the same issues with BlHeli and BlHeli_S and some other proprietary FW ESC as well as SimonK.
Funny thing happened to me today: Tested the copter in hand in the workshop and it flew perfect. then I went out to the testing range and tried there but 1 ESC wouldn’t arm. I came back in did nothing but inside the ESC armed and copter flew again. went out and the same problem. Same ESC did not arm. Came back in and it flew perfectly. The only difference was the temperature: inside 24°C, outside 1°C. I cannot think of any other difference.
Any ideas how I could narrow down the root cause?