One slow motor

After finding and correcting the ArduCopter parameter that was keeping the motors on my quad from accelerating past 25 percent, I have a new problem. One motor runs slower than the other three at all throttle settings, I tried running the calibration routine on all the motors - no change. I tried swapping the ESC input lines - no change, I suspect the problem is a faulty 30A SimonK ESC, or a bad winding on the motor - SunnySky 2212. I don’t know how common this problem is, but there is no lift-off, only tip-over. I plan to buy a replacement ESC. Any other suggestions?? Lynn, Austin

I would recommend switching this suspect faulty motor with another from your craft in order to determine if the problem stays with the motor once you move it. If it does then it’s the motor. If it stays on the same arm as before (where you now have a different motor connected) then it’s possible it’s the esc on that arm. I certainly wouldn’t go buying replacement kit until you are certain which bit is at fault.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try that right now. Will let you know. Lynn, Austin.

Swapped the two motors on the rear arms. No change on which arm. The motor on the left rear arm starts slower with a jerk and stops quicker when the throttle is returned to off. So I am going to go with a bad ESC as the problem. Actually I have a servo tester that can drive three servos at the same time. I could plug in two ESCs to duplicate the result. That would tell me that with the same signal (pulse width) input, the flight APM controller is not causing the problem. Suggestions?? Lynn, Austin

That is a great idea - eliminates output from the flight controller as being the source. Fingers crossed!

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Connected two motors to my servo tester. Exact same input signal (pulse width) to both motors / ESCs. I had previously swapped the two motors with no change. The motor on the left was starting funny and spooling down faster (probably because it was not spinning as fast). Now with the servo tester providing the same signal input, the left motor is still acting funny. I think this tells me the problem is not with the flight controller and the motor is not bad because I already swapped the two motors. High confidence level that I have a faulty ESC. Ordered a new ESC. Will keep you advised. Thanks for checking my thinking on the problem. Lynn, Austin