One side motor can't climb, it loses power

since 2 days ago, my rover right side wheel loses power (torque), when climb a hill, always the rover turn to right side. but on the flat road, it is fine.
If the rover goes by Auto, RTL mode, it is fine, can go straight.
I tested motor using motor driver tools (Basicmicro), it is fine.
But when I test in MissionPlanner by Test C or Test D, one side motor always slow.

I replaced 2 side motors and motor driver(Basicmicro), it is same problem.
I have used them over 3 years.

We need log files.

And update the firmware version.

@amilcarlucas the attached link is my log.

I adjust SERVO1_TRIM and SERVO3_TRIM parameter can effect the wheel power.
Is it possible that is the CubeBlack PWM output issue?

Yes trim will cause problems if the parameter is wrong.

No, I don’t think it is a PWM output issue.

@amilcarlucas any solution for this issue? is there any wrong in my parameter?

The trim must be the same for both motors.

@amilcarlucas I got reason, the motor loses power, it may be damaged.