One of the engines goes out

Hello, my new project madman is turning me. It happens to me that when I give him acceleration, the engines do not begin all simultaneously. But the worse thing is that when I am to an average speed, one of the engines goes out. This engine is the one that worries me. Not because it goes out. (It is not warm).

My attempts: I have changed the order of the engines into the switchboard to reject that it is problems in the pines. It continues trumping the same engine. I have checked the cables and they are welded well and perfect. I bought already two variators, thinking that this was the problem.
The engines are all in series (without Power Module). Can this one be the problem? I was trying to form the speed of the engines for the terminus and I have met another problem. When I connect to the terminus, alone strange symbols are seen and I cannot do anything.

I wonder if I can prove the engine connecting directly the variator to the battery. (Jumping the switchboard). This way it would know if the problem is the engine.

Can someone throw help me?

I leave a video you to see the behavior:

HMR F550
Engines Imax 11.1v
Switchboard Arducopter 2.8
Battery 11.1 4000mhA

Nada, nada. tema solucionado. Es el motor. filamentos de la bobina cortados. Soldé y para probar. ya pedí otro motor. gracias igual. :slight_smile: