One of my motor started running abruptly immediately after I connected the battery

During a test, when I connected the battery, I heard some fast paced beep sound (not sure whether it came from the motor or the drone buzzer) and after around 5 seconds, one of the motor started running abruptly strong enough to flip the drone. But luckily my friend immediately disconnected the battery.

When we connected the battery again, it didnt happen again.
FC = pixhawk orange cube plus
Motor = hobbywing x6pro
Airframe type = Hexaplus copter

This has happened before 3 times with 3 different motors and 2 different fc.
Any idea why this happens and potential solutions for them.

Link for logs: 2024-05-10 18-53-39.bin - Google Drive

Do not use ArduCopter 4.0.x.

Update to ArduCopter 4.5.2

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Sure…Thanks Again!!! :grinning: