One motor not functioning properly

I have a hexcopter drone with a pixhawk 2.4.8 (I know this is not a real pixhawk but this is not my issue), motor #4 does not work with motor test. I have MN4014 330kv motors, and 6 unmarked escs that worked before crash. I replaced the assumed dysfunctional ESC with a 40A 6S ESC, and it still does not work. I also plugged the motor into a working esc and the motor is fine. I tried plugging a working esc into the port where the dysfunctional esc was on the FC and the port works fine. The new ESC is receiving power and still does work even after ESC calibration. ESC does beep with power and when safety switch is activated.

Pictures below:

^Cord third from the left is not working (slot 5)

^Positive and negative wires top right are transmitting power to the dysfunctional esc

^Connection from esc to motor


Often if an ESC is beeping but not responding it means it’s not getting a PWM signal. Sounds like you’ve proven there’s a signal out because you said a different ESC worked on that output, so I’d start chasing the physical connections. Look at the pins, make sure none are loose, none of the wires are damaged, etc. Some of the solder joints look corroded so they may need cleaning. That power distribution board looks like it’s seen better days. I would be really careful trusting that.

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Ok, I resoldered all my connections and motor still was not spinning at the percentages during the motor test as all the others (10%) . I bumped it up for that specific motor to 50% to see if it would spin and the motor started smoking. Was this caused by a malfunctioned esc or a broken motor? And should I replace just the motor, or the motor and esc? I did not go above the spinning percentage before when I tested the motor on other escs so my best guess would be that the motor was the initial issue.

A lot of people like T motors I am not one of them. I do like there 4 and 1 esc’s though.

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Replace the motor and while you are at it that Flight Controller. Avoid anything Radiolink.