One motor is too weak

Hi Everyone,

I recently built the 3DR Drone from scratch and on my first test flight my drone can’t lift off the ground because one motor does not seem powerful enough to lift his side.
I double and triple check the motor rotation and blade everything is in order.
Is there way to programmatically compensate for a weak motor?
If so is this a parameter that can be set in mission planner?


I may have the same problem, tried recalibrating, reloading the software, nothing owrks. Can you tell me if you were able to chase the issue by swaping the signal waires to the motors. say it’s the left front and you swap it’s ESC cable to the right front, then is that motor weak instead, or is it still the left front?
Sorry I don’t have a fix yet, but I’m working on it.

I’ve got the same problem, when I swap the ESC signal wire, it follows the signal to a different motor. Not sure what is going on, Could it be the DFU?
Help would be nice