Onboard mag calibration issue

Running latest beta MP 1.3.39 1.1.6068.13300 on Win 10 with ardupilot quad X v3.4-rc2

Just tested the onboard mag calibration routine, which starts just fine - the sliders in MP for Mag1 and Mag2 move across to show to collection of calibration points. The slider for Mag2 however makes it to the end of the scale fastest, and as soon as it reaches the end, a popup appears witgh the message “the command failed to execute”.

I presume this is a MP issue. Need to try the same in other GS software.

could you please try MP beta. I think this should be resolved.

Michael, MP 1.3.39 1.1.6068.13300 is the beta version. Are you suggesting there a newer beta version now which addresses this issue? If so I will update and test this evening. Thanks

Michael, Just updated beta to build 1.1.6071.35875. Mag calibration works perfectly now. Awesome work. Many thanks.