Onagofly PX4 FMU with Tower App

I purchased an Onagofly palm sized drone and was please, about the only thing to be pleased about) it contains a PX4 FMU. Upon discovering this, i quickly hopped into Mission planner and low and behold, this Onagofly with a PX4 is running 3.2.1 of Arducopter. i reprogrammed a few things in Mission planner and was quite happy.

I would Like to connect to Tower and fly the damn thing but i can only find TCP Port 8230 open on the IP Address 1922.168.1.12 (Which Appears to Be the Onago drone ip). while i get no response on that port, it doesnt refuse connection like other ports have. (i used udp and tcp port scanners to find this out)

Whats the best way forward for me? i would like to load new firmware (3.3.3 or 3.4 which ever is available) on it but i dont know how to tell it to accept signals from the cell phone. (the Onago has its own app and flight control is by using a cell phone/App interface.)

i hope this wasnt too vague a question and thanks in advance

Did you ever find any further information on this?

Rogue Ogre