Omnibus Nano V6 RC input? [SOLVED]

I’m setting up a nano v6 and am stuck on the Radio Calibration step. I have everything connected as refferenced in the wiki

I’m not getting any input from my FrSky R-XSR which bound to my X7. I have the sbus routed to the LED pad as mentioned in the wiki. I tried swapping it over to the SBUS pad and still didn’t get any input on the Radio Calibration screen. Am I missing anything? @wicked1 what RX and port are you using on your build?

I switched over to the LED pad on the same side of the board as the F4 and it works now. Seems strange as I’d assume that the LED pad on both sides of the board are identical?

Hi, I was just about to reply. Yes, using LED.

The pads should be the same. But, they’re pretty weak pads… I broke a couple on mine by slightly overheating them. Luckily it has duplicates!

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