Omnibus f4v3s icm20608g

Hi, picked up a couple of these :

Betaflight gives


MCU F40X Clock=168MHz (PLLP-HSE), Stack size: 2048, Stack address: 0x1000fff0
Config size: 3632, Max available config: 16384
CPU:10%, cycle time: 127, GYRO rate: 7874, RX rate: 33, System rate: 9
Voltage: 1 * 0.01V (0S battery - NOT PRESENT)
I2C Errors: 0

This IMU seems to be supported for the Drotek Pixhawk3 Pro. I’ve built firmware before but only as an exercise and have not modified the hwdef file. Can someone give me some pointers as to how I would go about this ?
These seems to be a very popular cheap board - and the omnibus boards seem to be unavailable. Might it be worth supporting ?

have you tried the omnibus f4 firmware on it? my understanding is that the IC268G is a drop in replacement for the mpu6500 so it will just work.

the one I have does.

I bought mine here