Omnibus F4SD Ardupilot Windows Incompatibility

Hello all, struggling first-time user of arducopter/qgc here.

I’ve been attempting to connect the latest version of Arducopter Arducopter on an Omnibus F4 Pro v3 to a windows computer running QGroundControl 3.4.4, but the board would never be recognised and software not connect. I found the latest release of QGroundControl 3.5 and installed it on a Macbook running Mojave, and it connected just fine. In the release notes , it says it’s an “OSX” build only. Will there be a windows .exe for 3.5 soon or eventually? Alternatively, am I just missing something with firmware or is there any other way to connect (a missing driver perhaps). Thanks!

There is some bug I haven’t figured out yet which is preventing the Windows 3.5 builds from going up. Should be fixed soon I hope.

Until that is fixed you can install a Windows Daily Build instead. Not much has changed in Daily since Stable so they are about the same.

Thanks Don, I’ll give it a look and update this thread with my findings afterwards. Still interesting to note that QGC doesn’t recognize Omnibus F4 boards running Ardupilot prior to v3.5.

Support was added in 3.5