Omnibus F4 v6 with px4flow flow sensor

Hi, i am new to ardupilot etc. but i am working on a project and i need some help with it.

The goal is to have people who are new to flying drones perform some tasks indoor with quad. It would be the best if the drone could somehow have a position hold function. A friend of mine mentioned that a flow sensor would be a good option.

How do i know that the sensor and fc board i want to use are compatible?
For the fc i was looking to use the Airbot Omnibus F4 V6 and for the flowsensor the px4flow.

thanks in advance.
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Hi @Pieming,

I think any ArduPilot compatible flight controller should work with any of these optical flow sensors except that if you choose the HereFlow you’ll need a flight controller with a CAN port. Many of the smaller flight controllers (including the Omnibus NanoV6) don’t have a CAN port.

I would recommend the cx-of (or compatible) or HereFlow over the px4flow. Also the lidar that are built into some of these flow sensors have quite short ranges so I’m afraid so you’ll need a separate lidar.

The drone will fly indoors and not higher then 2 meters. I do only have the option to use a 30.5 x 30.5 form factor flight-controller. So i guess my best option is the cheerson cx-of sensor. what is the best range finder to use in my situation? it needs to be small and light and the range does not have to be much more then 2 meters. As far as i understand a range finder is necessary in conjunction with a OF?

Thank you for the response!
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The omnibus f4 v6, ie, the normal size, will work. There are available serial ports you can use, including for lidar. Its just that the fc is not yet in the list of compatible boards in the documentation.

so i want to use these together: Mateksys F405 std, VL53L1X lidar and the ThoneFlow-3901U. These should work together should’nt they? I have noticed the F4 V6 does not have a I2C port… so it wouldnt work with the lidar…

Hi. That is not correct. It has i2c accessible both from solder pads as well as from the 6 pin JST. I have only tested the TFmini Lidar, but should not make a difference.

Indeed… was not looking closely it seems! i am going to give it a shot and see how it pans out