Omniboat with no motor output


I am currently building a USV based on the omni-x configuration. I have set everything up as instructed here: Support for Omni Boats coming in Rover-3.5, however there is no response to the thrusters regardless of what I do.

I looked at the MAVlink telemetry field and found that the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW doesn’t change from 1500(neutral). Why is this the case and how can I fix this?


Hi Reza,

The vehicle is armed of course? Could you provide a dataflash log? That will allow us to see what’s going on I think.

Yes it is armed. How do I download the dataflash log? When I try to access it through qgroundcontrol, it shows no log.

Use this link. i hope this helps you.

@rmackay9 will a tlog file work? I have attached one here.2018-11-30 11-46-24.tlog (842.9 KB)

It is a log of me moving of the sticks in manual mode, to no response from the motors. Thanks for your help.