Omni-X motor issues

Hello, I am having an odd issue with my omni-x rover. Not all motors are turning on as they should be. When moving laterally, all 4 motors are active, and moving properly, but when moving forwards/backwards only motors 1 and 2 move, and when turning only motors 3 and 4 move. Any ideas why this might be the case?

I am attaching a log file with this behavior, if any one could help diagnose the issue.

Hi Reza,

It looks like ARMING_CHECKS = 0. Any reason the checks were turned off?

You’ve tested the motors using MP’s motor test screen?

It looks like the PILOT_STEER_TYPE has been set to “1” (Two Paddle Input). This is a slightly unusual setup, are you sure you wouldn’t prefer steering and throttle input to be done on separate channels? I.e. wouldn’t you prefer to have one input stick used for throttle and another input stick used for steering?

I’ve turned all the checks off since I’ve been testing inside, where the compass and gps have been thrown off, so it was just easy to turn them all of for the time being. Setting the PILOT_STEER_TYPE to 1 must have been an accident, because I certainly didn’t intend for it to be on.

Do you think that’s what was causing the issue?

@RezaB, yes, it could be. could you try changing that parameter to 0?

Hi @rmackay9, it did the trick. Thank you for that insight.

I’ve got one more odd issue, in manual mode, instructing the rover to go forward makes it go backwards, and vice versa. Moving laterally works properly, as does turning, so I don’t think it is an issue with motor wiring. I checked to see whether the rc channel for throttle was reversed, and it wasn’t.

Do you have an ideas of what might be causing this problem? I am attaching a link to a .bin file, of a bench test, if that may help:


It will likely be a combination of RC inputs being reversed and servo outputs being reversed.

The two things to check are:

  1. using the motor test screen in MP, do all motors spin in the direction shown by the arrows in the motor direction setup image on the wiki page? If not change the appropriate SERVOx_REVERSED parameter.
  2. using the MP’s RC calibration screen, do the green bars move in the same direction as the physical sticks with the exception of the pitch stick (which moves in the reverse direction)? If not, reverse the stick’s direction in the transmitter (RCx_REV can probably also be used but we recommend leaving these parameters as zero and changing it in the transmitter if possible)