Omibus F4 V6 motor order


having trouble setting up a new 5" quad where it tips over at startup. Googled a few causes of the problem (motor order, propeller rotation, sensor calibration etc) but that doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

The FC is a Omnibus F4 V6 (not nano) connected to a 4-in-1 Blheli-S ESC.When i spin up the motors in Qgroundcontol they rotate correctly.

So motor 1, top right CCW
motor 2, bottom left CCW
motor 3, top left CW
motor 4, bottom right CW

Board orientation is set to ROLL180 to get the HUD showing up correctly.

Don’t know how to debug this issue. So i thought i ask here to get some tips on howto resolve the problem.

Thanks for helping

Ps, when i spin up the motors slightly with the props attached and move the right stick (mode 2) to the top the quad tilts to the right. Stick to the bottom, quad tilts to the left

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Hi @wvthoog,

You might want to follow this document.
PS for no reason, I would also check again the board orientation

I have a couple of those boards and as Gal says double check the board orientation so it’s correct in the HUD. Then use Mission Planners Motor test screen to determine initial order and rotation direction. Then re-map the Servo Outputs so they are correct. And obviously change motor direction as required.

Not that’s applicable to your board orientation, or ESC orientation if using a 4-in-1, but on my quad with the FC USB connector on top and pointing right I needed Yaw 90 and Servo out mapping as follows:

Just an example that changing board orientation and servo out mapping is common on these board types.

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Well that was the problem. I had motors in the wrong order. Reconnected them to:

1 top right
2 bottom right
3 bottom left
4 top left

And it flew. Thanks for pointing this out. It was a bit confusing when interpreting the Quad-X diagram.