OLED display - Pixhawk-1 Copter 3.5-RC3 QGCS 3.1.3

The Adafruit OLED SSD1306 display can apparently connect to the Pixhawk-1 via I2C.

I have flashed with 3.5-RC3 but cannot see any parameters that affect the display. For example NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE does not exist or is not available via QGCS 3.1.3 . There does not appear to be a parameter to address the device, enable or disable it.

What are the steps necessary to get this to work?

My setup:

Pixhawk-1 (2.4.8 h/w). I2C (0x3D) connected via I2C splitter shared with ext compass and Lidar (0x62). The OLED is from Adafruit - it is a monochrome 128x64px display, with solder jumpers to enable I2C or SPI. This is jumpered to I2C.

Do you mean QGC? For 3.5 you should use QGC beta version, otherwise you’ll run into problems. In any case, NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE will be in the full parameter list, have you looked there?

Also, since you are using QGC are you sure you loaded 3.5-rc3? I’m asking because stable QGC can’t find the new firmware, you need QGC beta for that.

Thank you!

QGC was v3.1.3. not the beta. As suggested the NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE parameter is there in the daily build.

But still no display activity :confounded:

The module works perfectly connected to an Arduino.

At the Pixhawk I2C bus the voltage is 4.3v.

Is there any other action needed to cause the display to light up?

No, just setting the type (and rebooting) should be enough. Make sure you have all the correct connections.